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Reporter Application

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Reporter Application

Post  xM3722x on Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:28 am


The Reporters are very important to our community.
These are the people who go and search out the quality information, and tell our community what is happening in the modern world.
As an editor you can report on anything from polotics to video games.
Nintendo Island, needs more people who can write and enjoy doing so.
If you want to become a part of the Reporter Staff, then you must meet all requirememnts and fill out the application below.

You must be an active member, this means at least five posts a day.
You must have over 25 posts.




Why do you want to be on this team?:

How would we benifit from you?:

Past report: (Something you have previewed/reviewed in the past. It must be posted at least one day before you apply.)
This is not required, but highly recommended.


So, you still want to apply?
If you do, then send your applications to xM3722x.
We don't want anyone stealing ideas, now do we?Good Luck! =D



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